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To provide quality products for enterprises
Precision Stamping
springs and shrapnel Playing an important role in engineering applications, they can provide elastic support, maintain constant force, control motion and transfer energy. Their design and selection need to take into account factors such as required force, degree of deformation, operating environment and life.
Precision filter
Stainless steel precision filter: It is a precision filter made of stainless steel. It has the following features and advantages: strong corrosion resistance; high strength and durability; anti-pollution and easy cleaning; good precision filtration performance; reusable. Stainless steel precision filters are widely used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, petrochemicals and other fields to filter liquids and gases to ensure product quality and production safety.
Stainless steel insect net
Stainless steel insect net: Is a mesh barrier that prevents bugs and insects from entering a room or equipment. It is usually etched from stainless steel wire and has the following features and advantages: strong corrosion resistance; good insect resistance; the mesh of the stainless steel insect net is very small, which can effectively prevent the entry of small insects and bugs, such as mosquitoes, flies, Ants and more. Stainless steel insect nets are widely used in doors, windows, vents and exhaust outlets of buildings such as residences, hotels, offices, and factories to prevent insect pests and protect the indoor environment.
stainless steel mesh
stainless steel mesh It is a mesh mesh structure etched from stainless steel material, which is used to filter and screen solid particles or liquid materials. It usually has the following characteristics and applications: strong corrosion resistance; high strength and durability; fine screening effect; easy to clean. Stainless steel screens are widely used in chemical industry, food, medicine, metallurgy, mining, building materials and other fields for screening, filtering, dust removal and classification of powder, granule and liquid.
Vacuum cleaner filter
Vacuum cleaner filter It is a filter screen for vacuum cleaners. Its main function is to filter the dust and impurities in the air and make the air sucked into the vacuum cleaner cleaner. Compared with traditional paper or cloth filters, stainless steel vacuum cleaner filters have the following advantages: long durability; easy to clean; high-efficiency filtration; hygienic and environmentally friendly.
Stainless steel filter basket
stainless steel filter basket Stainless steel filter basket is a filter equipment accessory commonly used in industrial and commercial fields, mainly used to remove solid particles or impurities in liquid. Stainless steel filter baskets are widely used in chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, water treatment, papermaking and other industries for filtering liquids, filtering garbage, removing impurities, etc. The appropriate filter basket model and specification can be selected according to specific needs and working environment.
Stainless steel coffee filter
stainless steel coffee filter Is a filter for filtering coffee grounds and solid particles. It is usually made of stainless steel mesh structure, which has the following characteristics: good durability; high-efficiency filtration; easy cleaning; environmental protection and health. The stainless steel coffee filter can be used to brew coffee by itself, which is convenient and environmentally friendly, without relying on consumables such as filter paper. Just add coffee powder to the filter, pour hot water, and wait for the filter to finish before drinking. Suitable for home, office and travel, this filter is ideal for coffee lovers.
vapor chamber
vapor chamber Also known as a flat plate heat exchanger. It is mainly used to transfer thermal energy from one fluid to another. Vapor chambers usually consist of a number of parallel metal plates between which a number of fluid channels are formed. The design of the vapor chamber can be customized according to the specific application requirements, including the material of the plate (such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.), the number and arrangement of the plates, the size and form of the fluid channel, etc. These design parameters affect the heat transfer efficiency and fluid flow resistance of the vapor chamber.
Layer tear gasket
Layer tear gasket: A tear-off shim is a thin sheet of material used to adjust the size of a part or fill a gap. It is usually made of metal or plastic material and has multiple layered structures. The feature is that there is a layer of tearable adhesive between each layer of material, and the desired thickness can be achieved by tearing one layer. This makes layer tear pads ideal for applications that require precise control of part dimensions, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, and more.
CNC machining
CNC machining: CNC machining refers to the method of machining by numerical control machine tools. Through pre-programmed operations, the machine tool can automatically perform cutting, drilling, milling and other processing operations to achieve high precision and complex shape processing. CNC machining is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mold manufacturing and other industries.
Lathe processing
Lathe machining is a method of metalworking using a lathe. The lathe is mainly used for the processing of shaft workpieces, which can be cut by rotating the workpieces to realize the processing of shapes such as outer circles, inner circles, and threads. Lathe processing is widely used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery manufacturing and other fields.

Six major crafts for products

To provide quality products for enterprises
  • Precision stamping

    Precision stamping mainly produces precision terminal precision shield shielding new energy nickel -copper combinations, etc.
  • laser cutting

    It is mainly suitable for cutting and processing of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum and alloy and other metal materials
  • Chemical etching

    It is mainly to complete metal components that cannot be completed by precision stamping and laser processing.
  • Round welding processing

    This is a craft name inside our company.
  • CNC processing

    General CNC processing usually refers to computer digital control precision mechanical processing.
  • Machining

    The lathe is mainly used for processing shafts, disks, sets, and other workpieces with rotating surfaces. It is the most widely used machine tool processing in mechanical manufacturing and repair factories.

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To provide quality products for enterprises

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To provide quality products for enterprises
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To provide quality products for enterprises
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